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Sudah Terikat Kultur, Bupati Hermus: Masyarakat Papua dan NTT tidak Terpisahkan

Manokwari – Masyarakat Papua dan Flobamora (NTT) tidak dapat dipisahkan karena sudah diikat dengan…
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Resmi Dilantik Ny. Ancela Sondegau Jadi Ketua TP-PKK Kabupaten Intan Jaya

NABIRE – Penjabat Ketua TP-PKK Provinsi Papua Tengah Ny. Yosina Anwar Damanik resmi melantik…
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Puppia Coin

Puppia Coin is currency only usable in Puppia World. It doesn’t have any value outside Puppia World. You can earn Puppia coins from various methods :

  • Sign Up / Log in – you can earn 100 coins every day. There is also one-time sign up reward of 1,000 coins.
  • Register your pendant – you can enter serial number (format: A000000) you can find on your Puppia pendant. (500 points per serial number) – coming soon! you can still register, we will reward as soon as it goes live
  • Post pet related photos – you can earn 50 coins per post but there’s limit of 4 per each day. – coming soon!
  • Event / Promotion – you can win large amount of Puppia coins from our event and during promotion period.

Puppia World

Here’s a list of important buildings you can visit :

  • Town Sqaure – Main Page
  • Cafe – Place where you can post your pictures and meet other pet people.
  • Town Hall – Register your pendants for reward, also you can search pendants serial number to find the owner of a lost dog.
  • Gallery – Puppia official product pictures / images from Event winners.
  • Market – Place you can buy real Puppia products using your Puppia coins.
  • My Room – Your personal page. (friends, groups, and more)

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